Former Fupre SUG President Comr. Ohanwe Emmanuel Iyke Writes to Nigeria Presidential Aspirants

Comr. Ohanwe Emmanuel Iyke (GCUF)

Fela Durotoye
(CEO, Gem stone cum presidential aspirant)
Prof. Kingsley Moghalu
(CEO, Sogato Strategies LLC cum presidential aspirant)
Omoyele Sowore
CEO, Sahara Reporters cum presidential aspirant)

"Mary Tubman (The late US slave abolitionist) wrote: I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed more only if they knew they were slaves”
I write not to present to you another PACT, I write as a Nigerian youth who believes in the candidacy of you all, the candidacy of the trio reminds me of “Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna and Ademoyega”  who took an unpopular approach in 1966 in redressing their national grief, yet again today we have a trio who are passionate to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians but are yet to converge at a common consensus, I deem it necessary to say that witnessing your aspiration in a time as this awakens my dizzy hope. It reminds me the act of boldness displayed by Anthony Enahoro to sponsor the independence motion in 1953, though objected.
For the sake of this epistle, I crave your indulgence to put aside any result whatsoever from PACT and journey with me.

Personally, I see your political ambitions as a demand for a second and true independence and not just a mere election, I admit that we have been enslaved by our leaders, we pardoned the whites because they were aliens, but more worrisome is the enslavement by people that know us too well - our kinsmen; who put on the “agbada, ishi agu, babban riga and Jalabia”, who understand our language perfectly, we have found ourselves in the state of black-oppressing-black, we were convinced that displacing the white man was the end of our sorrows, little did we know that we enthroned black beasts, black panthers and political vultures.

I wish not to dive into our pathetic and bloodbath history as the recipients of these letters are supposedly supervised and unsupervised history scholars as the case maybe. But I will be pointing out a few things in this epistle, please journey with me.

History taught us that the very first problem that struck Nigeria after independence was a smell of sectionalism, the political enlightened ones fell into war, as at the time, standard of living was not as terrible as it is today, the oil boom became the most sought-after treasure that can cheaply be exploited by simply securing a political position, a few was enlightened and could decipher the financial potency of the black gold, the oil became an albatross around our neck, there never existed a common understanding as to the adequate formula to loot the nation's patrimony, they usurped powers and waged wars, we served as weapons, we fought for them, with time these men came to a common understanding, they maintained peace in adversity, they granted themselves impunity with "reciprocal altruism" in mind, they now loot and use the commoners to wage war, their greatest weapon became ethnicity and religion, they made us develop hatred for ourselves, we killed ourselves just to please the political masters, they merry and we fought in anguish, a Kaduna shoe mender developed cruel animosity for an Aba shoe maker and vice versa, they made us feel we were protecting our territories and beliefs, they exploited our ignorance and heightened the ladder to knowledge.
Little wonder why party-defect has never resulted to granting a “persona non grata” on defectors, they see it as a game and not worth dying for, they all honor invitations of their personal and social events, they don't poison themselves anymore. My point in a brief is that they came to a consensus.

Once upon a time, the aggrieved 24 million unemployed youths were ready to unseat our political elders who have made governance for old monarchs but the divergence of your ambitions have thrown them back to support their vomit in 2015 in desperation to send this present government packing.
At a time like this we can't afford to jeopardize our future any longer, they've made us believe that we aren't ready to reclaim the leadership mandate, we have imprisoned ourselves with our thumb, we have sold our mandate for a morsel, we have availed ourselves so cheap to promote and secure dirty political interest, truth be told, none of the leading old candidates incubate the essential deliverables to build an enviable Nigeria, a Nigeria that will become the ‘technology capital’ and no longer the ‘world poverty capital’ of the nation, our health care is killing instead of saving lives, our farmlands lying fallow for unknown fears, and here we have three energetic and inexorable men but yet work in discordant.

Just like history narrated in 1884 how the scramble for Africa was settled in the Berlin conference in Germany by 14 European imperialist nations, peacefully shared African Nations amongst themselves, let history repeat itself this time but positively. If we must go forward for the sake of this generation let's drop our differences and ego, we must come under a platform, one begins to doubt the genuineness of your ambitions, such that abhors sacrifice, partnership and synergy. I have analyzed the candidacy of the trio with all sense of rationality void of any sentiment, amongst all presidential aspirants, I have been opportune to meet only Sowore, from my research, the trio are gifted with amazing talents and potentials judging from their pedigree. My research has focused on how their idiosyncrasies can best be maximized to stabilize our nation. My thoughts are as follows:

Omoyele Sowore from my analysis is a fearless fighter and such that objects cronyism and corruption, he had waged wars against military and democratic governments, he's brave, vocal, unintimidating, and not browbeaten, I admire your strength and truthfulness in interviews; there are few more other qualities he possess as google will help you but I strongly advice that Sowore takes the mandate to restore the sanctity of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, sir, with all due respect to your ambition and enviable qualities, I appeal you do this for our generation, history will never forget you in a haste, it will indeed mark a new dawn for our dear nation.

Fela Durotoye is such an amazing embodiment of talents, Fela have revived businesses, restore marriages, abated suicide, personally I get motivated by his speech, persuasively, Fela’s gift will liberate men as a minister of foreign affairs or youths or an ambassador, these are very critical portfolios that have been downplayed and underutilized in time past by passionless and visionless men, I have no doubt, the impact Fela will make on Nigeria youths or Nigerians in diaspora - reshaping our value system which is our biggest problem, for the sake of posterity, I appeal you consider these options.

Prof. Kingsley Moghalu is another incredible candidate with such a wealthy and mind-boggling profile with several years in UN and track records with CBN (as google helps you), he has tasted the national and international politics with a worldview of nation-state, I beckon on Moghalu to replicate in Nigeria those contributions he made in Croatia, defunct Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Rwanda, Tanzania etc. We no longer need financial savvy technocrats as minister of finance or technology, let's capitalize on the western experience and astute leadership qualities and save Nigeria. Okonjo Iweala and Kemi Adeosun would have made so much impacts if their decisions were final. We need a technocrat, we need a financier at the helm of affairs. I watch your interviews and few of your international lectures on the pathway to prosperity for African nations and I so much wish that you can work with these brilliant and energetic minds to liberate Nigerians as you have done in other nations.

Conclusively, never again shall we become vassals to our black suzerains, we must come together and effect this revolution, in 1967, Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna and Ademoyega struck without consulting the populace, they fought a good war but were not successful, the people were not in the picture, today the masses are beckoning on the three of you to strike and reclaim these seats for good. Let's shake the table, 60% of Nigeria’s population cannot be intimidated, let one man stand and let others become the pillar.
"In synergy the trio can do exploits".

Ohanwe. E. I.
Founder : Iykelinks - PAJ

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